The Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) is a non-profit organization that provides software development, testing and hosting solutions to clients while giving students hands-on industry experience. Students are given the opportunity and guidance to work with real-world clients and to see projects from start to finish. CASS prides itself in offering quality services to customers while providing a beneficial experience for our students.

CASS has two units, each with a specialized focus, that work closely together to provide expanded services for clients and a more diverse experience for students.

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Can you answer 'Yes' to these questions?

  1. Have at least one year left of schooling
  2. Can work over the summer, up to 40-hours per week
  3. Able to work in person, fully remote, or a hybrid work model--flexible with negotiation.

Please watch this space and OSU Jobs to see when CASS/OSL is hiring for the following student positions:

  • Student Analyst, Software Development Group
  • Student Project Management Assistant, Software Development Group
  • Student Developer, Software Development Group
  • Student Systems Engineer, Open Source Lab


None at this time

CASS is committed to increasing diversity in the software development field. We encourage applicants from traditionally under-represented groups to apply.