Long-time director of CASS, Carlos Jensen, has been promoted to Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Engineering. To attend to the demands of his new position, he will be stepping down as director, effective immediately.

Jensen became director when CASS was first formed in 2014 after merging two separate groups, one that worked primarily with proprietary software and one that worked exclusively in open source. Both groups emphasized student experience, and Jensen recognized the merger’s potential to expand what either group could do on their own. He has since been working to develop CASS into an innovative powerhouse on campus and beyond.

Unit directors, Carrie Hertel and Lance Albertson, will continue to operate the CASS units (the Open Source Lab, the Software Development Group, and the Test and IoT Lab) with Jensen’s vision and are confident CASS will continue to thrive while a new director is selected.

Check here for more information on Jensen’s promotion.