The Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) is a non-profit organization that provides software development, testing and hosting solutions to clients while giving students hands-on industry experience. Students are given the opportunity and guidance to work with real-world clients and to see projects from start to finish. CASS prides itself in offering quality services to customers while providing a beneficial experience for our students.

CASS has three units, each with a specialized focus, that work closely together to provide expanded services for clients and a more diverse experience for students.

Watch this space and OSU Jobs to see when CASS is hiring for the following positions:
Student Test Engineer, Test & IoT Lab
Student Analyst, Software Development Group
Student Developer, Software Development Group
Student Systems Engineer, Open Source Lab

Now hiring--Student Systems Engineer-CASS Open Source Lab:

The OSU Open Source Lab is looking for hourly students for DevOps Systems Engineers. This position involves working on the infrastructure that powers much of the open source ecosystem. Is responsible for racking, deploying, maintaining and design of various parts of our infrastructure. Interacts with the community and clients via email and IRC on a daily basis on tasks such as troubleshooting issues and deploying new services. See the posting and apply here.