In a new program, the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) partnered with Intel to give community college students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with open-source projects.

Oregon State is another leader. Its Open Source Lab is a nonprofit organization working for the advancement of open source technologies.

Long-time director of CASS, Carlos Jensen, has been promoted to Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Engineering. To attend to the demands of his new position, he will be stepping down as director, effective immediately.

On the AIX front hardware has arrived at osuosl and we hope to be getting access to 3 new AIX virtual machines in the next week or so. We’ll then start to add them to the Node.js community CI allowing us to progress support on the AIX front.

Customer Quote: Lance Albertson, Director, Open Source Lab, Oregon State University

When Iftekhar Ahmed learned about the field of computer science from his elder brother, he knew he didn't want to do anything else.

Oregon State University has joined the world’s technology leaders — including LG, Microsoft, and Qualcomm — to advance the collaborative development of the “Internet of Things.”

Oregon State University is working with global technology leaders, including LG, Microsoft and Sony, to advance the "Internet of Things."