Ben Alvi

Student Software Developer

Ben joined CASS in October 2019 and is studying Computer Science with a focus in Simulation and Game Programming. He is from Portland, Oregon. Ben joined CASS because he wanted to gain professional experience in a real work environment, and he thinks software development is fun. Ben would ultimately like to develop video games full time. Outside of work, he enjoys playing video games, creative writing, cooking, and being in nature. 

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Graham Barber

Photo of Graham BarberStudent Systems Analyst

Graham joined CASS in May 2017 and is studying management. He first heard of CASS through fellow employee Dria Rock and was interested in not only applying business skills to software development, but also participating in work he felt was meaningful. In the future, he hopes to launch a game/open-source company and is part of the Entrepreneurship Club and the OSU App Club.

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Sebastian Benjamin

Photo of Sebastian BenjaminStudent Software Developer

Sebastian joined CASS in June 2018 and is majoring in applied Computer Science with the Bioinformatics option. He’s interested in Computer Science research, but he joined CASS to work in a team and gain industry programming experience beyond what is taught in the classroom. Outside of work, he enjoys programming his own projects, writing, reading, and making video games.

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Reese Benson

Photo of Reese BensonStudent Software Developer 

Reese Benson was hired in October 2018 as a CASS Student Developer. He is an Applied Computer Science major with a minor in Visual Arts. He hails from El Dorado Hills, California, and enjoys working as a developer at CASS because it is a job that allows the opportunity to challenge himself and build up a resume. Reese likes front end work because he can apply his technical and artistic knowledge—he has been making animations since he was 10 years old and loves to draw. Reese’s goal is to work as a software developer in the animation or entertainment industry.

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Lucas Burns

Photo of Lucas BurnsStudent Analyst

Lucas joined CASS in March 2019 and is majoring in Music--singing for the OSU Chamber Choir, the OSU Meistersingers, and in the student-led ensemble Outspoken. He heard about the Analyst job from his friends who were working at CASS already. He wants to get experience working in both business and computer science, and expand his career opportunities outside of the music setting. Lucas especially loves to work in a group with other people towards a common goal. He also has experience with customer service, interpersonal communication, C++ and technical writing. He has a future plan to attend grad school for a Master’s degree in the Arts and Teaching. Outside of school and work, Lucas likes outdoor adventures,board games, singing, playing musical instruments, and playing his favorite game of Super Smash Brother Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. And he says he loves pigs!

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Jason Chen

Photo of Jason ChenStudent Systems Engineer

Jason joined the Open Source Lab part of CASS in April 2018 and is studying computer science and mathematics. He joined the lab to work with open source projects and gain a better understanding of how software is deployed at a large scale. During his free time, he likes to watch various sports, including basketball, football, and soccer, listen to Air Traffic Control, and program. He hopes to work in a software engineering-related field after graduation, but if that does not work out, he might go fly planes instead.

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Noah Cooke

Photo of Noah CookeStudent Analyst

Noah Cooke was hired in October 2018 as a Student Analyst for CASS. He is a Management and International Business major originally from Portland. He enjoys front end web development and working on apps with Javascript/Reach Native. Noah specializes in company creation, marketing, and sales strategy—belonging to the OSU Entrepreneurship Club. For fun, Noah plays soccer, piano, and video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, but probably does not enjoy fixing meals as he claims to be the worst cook you could know.

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Andrew Dassonville

Student Systems Engineer

Andrew joined the OSL in October 2019 and is studying computer science. He first learned about the OSL during the College of Engineering's "Clubs and Cookies" day and immediately applied for the position. Andrew joined the lab because he is passionate about open-source software and wanted to become more proficient with Linux. Oustide of the OSL, Andrew enjoys contributing to open-source projects, hiking, swimming, and flying drones.

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Robert Detjens

Student Systems Engineer

Robert joined the OSL in November 2019 and is working toward a degree in Computer Systems. After hearing about the OSL through the OSU SEC security club, he joined since providing the open-source community with a platform is something that he wants to support. When not staring at the computer, Robert likes to play board games, hike, and play trumpet.

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David Gasper

Photo of David GasperStudent Systems Engineer

David joined OSL in February 2019 as a Student Systems Engineer and is majoring in. Computer Science. David believes OSL can offer him a good opportunity to follow his interests while also gaining work experience. He likes C++ and Java programming as well as configuring/managing Linux systems. He plans to contribute to the open source community in the future, and work on projects that have a positive impact on the world. In his free time, David enjoys running, playing the piano, and biking. He studied Japanese for four years in high school, and is currently a member of OSU Running Club. His favorite game is MarioKart.

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Melanie Gutzmann

Photo of Melanie GutzmannStudent Software Developer

Melanie joined CASS as a Student Developer in April 2019 and is studying Computer Science. She joined CASS both to apply her academic knowledge to real-world problems, and to broaden her technical horizons as she works on projects within CASS. In her free time, Melanie enjoys working on personal software and design projects, painting, eating sourdough bread, low-stakes hiking, and watching whichever new Netflix original just came out. She hopes to someday fill her house to the brim with plants.

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David Headrick

Student Systems Engineer

David joined the OSL in November 2019 and is studying Computer Science with the systems option. He grew up in Albany, Oregon working on anything related to computers, from Raspberry Pi servers to Flutter apps. David joined the OSL because he wanted to learn more about DevOps, as well as wanting to embrace and assist in the distribution of open-source software. Outside of work, David enjoys riding ATVs on the Coos Bay dunes, skiing at HooDoo, and reading.

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Evan Horne

Photo of Evan HorneStudent Software Developer

Evan began working as a Student Developer for CASS in June of 2018. He is a Computer Science major from Portland. Evan has experience in C/C++/C#/OBJ-C, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Assembly. In his spare time he is a "maker" with electronics, robotics and DIY projects. He has been participating in hacking Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges recently, like Google CTF and Hacker101 CTF challenges. Evan is interested in game development, programming, security, machining, video editing, culinary Arts, and 3D Printing.

Marika Huffer

Photo of Marika HufferStudent Systems Analyst

Marika Huffer joined CASS in December 2018. She is a majoring in psychology with a minor in music performance. She is originally from McMinnville, Oregon, and decided to apply for CASS Analyst because it was a good opportunity to expand her work history in a completely new field. In her spare time, Marika teaches flute, works on bikes, and experiments with various fermentation projects. She also plays tennis and participates in the Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra. An amazing fact about Marika--she can play over 10 different instruments!

Lindsey Kvarfordt

Photo of Lindsey KvarfordtStudent Test Engineer

Lindsey started with the CASS Test Lab in April of 2018 and is studying Computer Science. She joined CASS to gain experience working on a variety of projects while accelerating her learning outside of the classroom. She is excited to expand her knowledge and explore many different areas of the field. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, and playing tennis.

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Abby Lawrence

Student Media and Event Coordinator/Writer

Abby joined CASS in December 2019 and is in the University Exploratories Program. She joined CASS to get more involved at OSU and gain work experience. She believes communication and networking are important skills to have. Abby plans to work toward graduate school and  research focusing on environmental conservation and sustainability. In her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking, playing music and surfing.

Khuong Luu

Photo of Khuong LuuStudent Systems Engineer

Khuong joined the OSL in February 2019 and is studying Computer Science with the Computer System option. He first learned about the OSL from teammates at the “OSU Security Team” who were working there. Khuong strongly believes in the high impact and importance of open-source software and loves building things that empower other engineers. OSL's missions align perfectly with his career goals. When not in front of computers, Khuong trains & competes for the OSU Table Tennis team and sometimes plays soccer for fun. Video games, manga, anime, movies, and food are other things he especially enjoys. He's a big fan of Hajime Isayama's Shingeki no Kyojin manga. After graduation, Khuong plans to adopt a lot of dogs and cats

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Phi Luu

Photo of Phi LuuStudent Software Developer

Phi joined CASS in April 2019 and is studying Computer Science with a Computer Systems option. He found out about CASS through his brother, who works in the Open Source Lab. Phi wants to gain experience developing software for industry, and apply what he learns to solve real-world problems. He enjoys working as a team and solving challenging problems. He also finds any project that involves data structures and algorithms is the most interesting to work on. Phi would love to work with big tech companies as a software engineer to contribute to making great software for communities. He feels joy and empowerment through acquiring knowledge, especially knowledge of technologies and other fields he’s passionate about, so he plans to continue his education after graduating from OSU. He likes coding, reading, cooking, sleeping, gaming and watching movies and anime. His favorite games are Rainbow Six, Siege, Titanfall 2 and more. Phi is a member of OSU's Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) club.

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Robert (Mac) Macdonald

Photo of Robert (Mac) Macdonald Student Software Developer

Mac joined CASS in June 2014 and is studying Computer Science with a Psychology minor. Mac decided to join CASS because he loves to code, wants to experience mentoring others, and eager to work with website technologies. He likes to work on projects that use JavaScript. In Mac’s spare time, he loves exploring Open source technologies, playing some games and socializing. In the future, Mac plans to be a software engineer for start-ups, and he dreams to work with AI one day.

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Heather North-DiRuscio

Student Systems Engineer

Heather joined the OSL during Fall and is studying computer science (Games and Simulation Programming Option) with a minor in math. Heather decided to return to school after completing the Warrior-Scholar Project while transitioning out of the Navy, where she served as an Aabic linguist. She loves the ethos of open-source software, and in her free time likes making programs to model star systems, traveling, learning foreign languages, and playing Nintendo Switch games.

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Coulby Nguyen

Photo of Coulby NguyenStudent Software Developer

Coulby joined CASS in April 2019 and is studying Applied Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. He decided to apply for this position to get to real-world experience in the Computer Science Field, as well as learn to create and manage projects in a group setting. He likes to work on projects that use Python, and C++ as the languages, and he finds machine learning projects to be fun to create. After graduating from OSU, Coulby wants to work while getting a Master’s degree. He doesn’t yet have a preference for the companies he wants to work for, but he'd like to do projects to help the environment. In his spare time, Coulby loves playing tennis, and video games like League of Legends; he also likes to binge-watch TV shows. Fun fact - He’s left-handed when he’s writing and using utensils, but right-handed when using a computer mouse and playing sports.

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Hoang Nguyen

Photo of Hoang NguyenStudent Software Developer

Hoang Nguyen is majoring in Computer Science Systems and was hired as a Student Developer in October 2018. He enjoys being at CASS for the experience of working on real programming projects. In his spare time Hoang likes to watch YouTube, play chess, and play Desperados 1 or Civ 5. He can also juggle. He has the most experience in C++ and Java languages so far, and hopes to work as a software developer in his future.

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Josie O’Harrow

Photo of Josie O'HarrowStudent Software Developer

Josie O’Harrow is a Student Developer who began working at CASS in October 2018. She is a Computer Science Major from the small town of Banks, Oregon. Josie enjoys working with regular expressions because it involves finding patterns and organizing information. She belongs to the Society of Women Engineers and enjoys ultra-running and quilting in her off-time. She plans to program for her future because she loves writing code, but hasn’t narrowed down a focus yet.

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Drew Ortega

Photo of Drew OrtegaStudent Software Developer

Drew Ortega began working at CASS as a Student Developer in October 2018. He is a Computer Science Systems major who likes Open Source Software, and making the connection between classroom learning and real industry work. His interests include backpacking and music--he plays the piano, alto saxophone, and can even play two recorders at the same time. Drew’s long-term goal is to work as a developer in cyber security.

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Zeyad Shureih

Photo of Zeyad ShureihStudent Software Developer

Zeyad joined CASS in April 2019 and is studying Applied Computer Science, specifically in Robotics and Cybersecurity programs. He heard about CASS through classmates that work for CASS, and he wanted to gain hands-on experience applying what he has learned in school while surrounding himself with a group of like-minded “techies”. He likes to work on data structure and algorithm problems, and before finding a programming job in the Software Development Group of CASS, he liked to spend his free time working on Google Kickstart practice problems. Zeyad is planning to work in the robotics industry before applying to grad school. He feels like robotics involves applying mathematical concepts, which is another interest of his. He has experience in C++, Python, C, HTML5, and ROS. He likes to spend his free time reading, working out at Dixon, playing video games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and playing the electric guitar. A cool thing about Zeyad is a tattoo on his right shoulder that is the same as his father’s. He’s also a member of the Robotics Club.

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Bailey Singleton

Photo of Bailey SingletonStudent Software Developer 

Bailey first got into software development working at the Open Source Lab before joining CASS in September of 2018. Bailey is pursuing a degree in Computer Science. In his free time, Bailey loves to hit the pavement on his bike, or play Super Smash Brothers melee with his roomates, or just about anybody. He also loves tinkering with his computer and reading fantasy novels.

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Cole Swanson

Photo of Cole SwansonStudent Software Developer

Cole joined CASS in April 2019 and is studying Computer Science Systems. He wanted to work for CASS to gain computer science experience outside of classes. Cole loved working on a webpage for a web development class, and found that using CSS, HTML and JavaScript was interesting and a bit challenging. He liked the process of building up a decent webpage out of nothing. In Cole’s free time, he enjoys reading, playing video games such as Path of Exile, and Dark Souls/Bloodborne, and likes cooking. He is a member of the IT club. An interesting fact about Cole is that his dad got a job in Beijing, China, so he skipped half of the fifth and sixth grades to spend time there with his family.

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James Trotter

Photo of James TrotterStudent Test Engineer

James Trotter is an Applied Computer Science major and was hired as a Student Test Engineer by CASS in October 2018. He likes working on creative projects that involve writing. In his spare time he enjoys long distance running, reading, and music—he plays guitar and sings in the OSU Meistersingers. James’ favorite game is Runescape. He enjoys working as a tester at CASS to build career-related skills in a friendly work environment of peers.

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Jacob VanDomelen

Photo of Jacob VanDomelenStudent Software Developer

Jacob was hired in April of 2016 and is studying Computer Science with a Systems option. Jacob applied to CASS because he wanted to participate and create programs that would have real world applications and impacts after creating programs that would only stay on his personal computer. He hopes to make software development a career following graduation.

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Kerry Vance

Photo of Kerry VAnceStudent Systems Engineer

Kerry Vance joined OSL in 2019 and is studying computer science. After hearing about OSL, and initially being disappointed that they weren't hiring, fellow Linux Users Group (LUG) members and CASS employees Lindsey Kvarfordt and Drew Ortega suggested he apply when a position opened up. As an advocate and user of Open Source software, he hopes to support the efforts of Open Source projects through his work at OSL.

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Hannah Vaughan

Student Software Developer

Hannah started at CASS in May of 2018 as a Student Analyst and has transitioned to Developer. She is studying Computer Science and hails from Eugene. She wanted to work at CASS to apply the experience she’s gained from classes in a meaningful way that simultaneously allowed her to work directly with industry. Hannah likes working on projects that she can watch grow and improve, especially if she can create a great user-interface in the process. Her skills include C, C++, HTML, CSS, organization, and writing. In her off-hours she likes to play board games, crochet, take care of her plants, and spend time with friends. She participates in KBVR FM student radio, and likes to play Animal Crossing. For her future she wishes to work as a software developer who travels the world, and gardens and codes in her free time.

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Taegan Warren

Photo of Taegan WarrenStudent Software Developer

Taegan joined CASS in December 2016 and is studying computer science. He first heard about CASS from a freshman engineering fair and wanted to contribute to real world projects while gaining experience and knowledge in programming. In his spare time, Taegan enjoys playing video games such as Overwatch and is a great ice skater.

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Brandon Whaley

Photo of Brandon WhaleyStudent Systems Analyst

Brandon joined CASS in February 2019 and is studying Business Information Systems (BIS). He found out about the position  from CASS senior staff member, Mark Clements, when he was the teacher for Business Application Development. Brandon is eager to gain experience in the field and work with diverse people. He loves to work with agile delivery teams and teammates that push and encourage him to do his best. He  has worked with C# and SQL. After he graduates, Brandon wants to be working as a QA engineer practicing agile methodologies. In his free time, he likes to go hiking with his friends, play video games, and work out. His favorite game is Witcher 3. Brandon was a wildland firefighter for Oregon Department of forestry for three years and he’s currently VP of governance and reporting for the BIS club on campus.

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Marie Wilkey

Student Analyst

Marie joined CASS in October 2019. She is a Kinesiology major with an option in Occupational Therapy, and is from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Marie joined CASS to get an experience in a field different than her major, and because she values collaberation and enjoys a team environment. After graduation, Marie would like to go to graduate school and get either a Master's or PHD in Occupational Therapy with hoped to work with kids with disabilities. In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, and hanging with friends.

Emily Winjum

Photo of Emily WinjumStudent Software Developer

Emily joined CASS in April 2019. She is a  Computer Science and Physics Major with a Music Performance Minor. Emily wants to pursue writing real-world programs, and collaborate with other students at CASS. She loves working with code, making games, writing algorithms, and working on the low-level back-end of things. Emily has experience with C++, JavaScript, Python, C, and Java. After her graduation, she would like to pursue a graduate degree, and eventually a doctorate, in computer science. Her dream job is with JPL working on the scripting for probes and rovers. In her free time, she likes to play games such as Portal (and 2), Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and several more--plus make games on her own, She also likes reading, performing with one of her three clarinets, and spending time outdoors. She's a member of OSU's Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra, as well as Rainbow Continuum.

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