Graham Barber

Photo of Graham BarberStudent Systems Analyst

Graham joined CASS in May 2017 and is studying management. He first heard of CASS through fellow employee Dria Rock and was interested in not only applying business skills to software development, but also participating in work he felt was meaningful. In the future, he hopes to launch a game/open-source company and is part of the Entrepreneurship Club and the OSU App Club.

Sebastian Benjamin

Photo of Sebastian BenjaminStudent Software Developer

Sebastian joined CASS in June 2018 and is majoring in applied Computer Science with the Bioinformatics option. He’s interested in Computer Science research, but he joined CASS to work in a team and gain industry programming experience beyond what is taught in the classroom. Outside of work, he enjoys programming his own projects, writing, reading, and making video games.

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Braam Beresford

Photo of Braam BeresfordStudent Software Developer

Braam joined CASS in June of 2018 and is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His hometown is Portland, but he immigrated there from South Africa during middle school. His interest in CASS comes from a desire to gain real-world experience and contribute to a project that has long-term purposes.  His favorite languages are C/C++, but he also enjoys using Python. Projects Braam enjoys include Arduino-based projects, which he is currently using for a system to monitor environment conditions inside a reptile tank. His other interests include running, games, reading, and talking about engineering/business.

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Jason Chen

Photo of Jason ChenStudent Systems Engineer

Jason joined the Open Source Lab part of CASS in April 2018 and is studying computer science and mathematics. He joined the lab to work with open source projects and gain a better understanding of how software is deployed at a large scale. During his free time, he likes to watch various sports, including basketball, football, and soccer, listen to Air Traffic Control, and program. He hopes to work in a software engineering-related field after graduation, but if that does not work out, he might go fly planes instead.

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Tony Chen

Photo of Tony ChenStudent Software Developer

Tony joined CASS in May 2018. He is a computer Science major who originates from Beijing, China. He applied to CASS because he wanted to experience real coding life in a professional group. A favorite class was Data Structures where he made a Hash Table in C++ to store students' name and emails so he can output their email from the class roster. Tony has a lot of experience in C++, C, python, JavaScript, Assembly, Html, and CSS and would like to become a software developer for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future, and would also want to be a connection between the USA and China. The US has advanced technology and China has the huge market, so he sees the benefits of using his experience with both countries to combine them. In his time off he loves ‘real’ football (soccer), basketball and swimming, hiking, and travelling with and making new friends.

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Brennan Douglas

Photo of Brennan DouglasStudent Software Developer

Brennan joined CASS in May 2017 and is studying physics and computer science. He first heard about CASS at the OSU App Club through fellow employees Rikki Gibson and Rob Mac. He particularly appreciated scheduling flexibility and its on-campus location. His interests lie in projects that require a great deal of math and physics with visual results. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and personal engineering projects such as game development, desktop apps, and robotic projects.

Chetan Dindukurthi

Photo of Chetan DindukurthiStudent Systems Analyst

Chetan joined CASS in April of 2018 and is studying Computer Engineering. He is currently from Portland, but he has lived in India for half of his life. Chetan wanted to join CASS to learn more about industrial software applications, while participating in a project with current applications--a project that solves problems in the real world, for real people. After graduation, Chetan is looking to find a job in developing robotics or other intelligent systems. In down-time, he enjoys playing video games like Legend of Zelda and Breath of the Wild, or board games with his roommates. He is also working on using a raspberry pi for some projects.

Mohamed Eldebri

Photo of Mohamed EldebriStudent Systems Engineer

Mohamed joined the OSL in March 2017 and is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is is excited to develop his knowledge about open source software during his time at the OSL. He is also interested in operating systems and contributing to the Linux Kernel. In his spare time, Mohamed likes to play soccer, video games, and read.

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JJ Frederick

Photo of JJ FrederickStudent Systems Engineer

JJ joined CASS in March 2017 and is studying computer science. Even before joining the OSL, JJ used open source programs such as Linux on his own personal computers. Having a lot of experience and interest in the field already, the Open Source Lab was a perfect fit for him. He is also interested in video game design and application building as well as refurbishing old computers. He’s been programming since he was six years old and in his spare time he likes to play dodgeball.

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McKenzie Gray

Photo of Mckenzie GrayStudent Software Developer

McKenzie joined CASS in May of 2018. He is a Computer Science major with Applied Sim and Game Programming. He is from the small town of Dallas, Oregon. CASS seemed to him like a perfect opportunity to obtain real-world experience while learning and enhancing his skills in a flexible, student-oriented environment. He loves working on anything with practical, tangible results, and enjoys challenges that allow him to make use of problem solving skills. He has skills in C++, Java, writing, and algebra, and wants to work as a game programmer after graduation. During McKenzie’s free time he is usually playing video games like The Last of Us, and listening to music. He also like to travel, to cook, and enjoys spending time with family and his dogs (mostly the dogs). He also dabbles in a bit of hobbyist game development and belongs to the VR/AR Club.

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Evan Horne

Photo of Evan HorneStudent Software Developer

Bio to be added

Lindsey Kvarfordt

Photo of Lindsey KvarfordtStudent Test Engineer

Lindsey joined the CASS Test Lab in April of 2018 and is studying Computer Science. She joined CASS to gain experience working on a variety of projects while accelerating her learning outside of the classroom. She is excited to expand her knowledge and explore many different areas of the field. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, and playing tennis

Derek Jackson

Photo of Derek JacksonStudent Software Developer

Derek was hired in June of 2016 and is studying electrical engineering. He joined CASS to gain experience in a collaborative work environment and work in software development. He likes working on back-end development and one day hopes to be a signal processing engineer or a robotics engineer. He is a member of the OSU Robotics club and enjoys hiking, playing video games, flying drones, and biking.

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Hunter Lannon

Photo of Hunter LannonStudent Systems Engineer

Hunter joined the OSL in March 2018 and is studying applied computer science with an emphasis on video game and simulation programming. He overheard a classmate talking about applying for CASS, and did some research on the OSL, which he found to be interesting. He hopes to learn more about the inner workings of GNU/Linux operating systems and security. He enjoys both CLI and graphical programming, hiking, biking, and the occasional unicycle ride through campus. He also has two pet rats: Calvin and Klaus the Mouse.

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Shreyans Khunteta

Photo of Shreyans KhuntetaStudent Software Developer

Shreyans joined CASS in May 2017 and is majoring in applied Computer Science with minors in Psychology and Writing. He has worked on various projects at CASS for ODOT, and joined CASS to get some more real-world job experience. Outside of work, Shreyans' hobbies are hiking, writing and performing standup comedy.

Brooks Mikkelsen

Photo of Brooks MikkelsenStudent Software Developer

Brooks joined CASS in December 2016 and is majoring in computer science. He first heard about CASS from a friend and applied in hopes of gaining experience in coding and developing in a professional environment, away from class. He likes planning a project and anticipating problems. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, and cooking.

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Jerry Peng

Photo of Jerry PengStudent Software Developer

Jerry joined the OSL in April 2017 and is majoring in computer science with a systems option. He is interested in web development and when he heard from a friend the OSL was hiring, he quickly applied. After graduation he is looking to continue working in software development. In his spare time, he likes playing video games, photography, and playing sports and his first language is Chinese.

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Henry Peterson

Photo of Henry PetersonStudent Software Developer

Henry started working at CASS in May of 2018 and is studying Computer Science. He joined CASS because it seemed like a great student-oriented place to develop real-world skills and apply the things he is learning in class. He loves to customize his computer desktop. He alos enjoys reading books, running, playing board games, astronomy, playing video games like Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening, and organizing his file system in his spare-time. He sees a very specific future in the Pacific Northwest in a small house with 2-3 cats, working in software and contributing to open source projects in his spare time.

Dria Rock

Photo of Dria RockStudent Software Developer

Dria joined CASS in June of 2015 and is studying Computer Science with an applied option in Human Computer Interaction. Dria's brother used to work for CASS as it was first starting and she was originally hired as a Testing Engineer. Since then, she has gained a great deal of professional experience in development and working with real clients and projects. In her free time, she enjoys playing music on 10 different instruments and spending time outdoors.

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Bailey Singleton

Photo of Bailey SingletonStudent Software Developer

Bailey first got into software development working at the Open Source Lab last year. Now, after an internship-filled six months, he is ready to step into his next job at CASS starting September 2018. Bailey is pursuing a degree in Computer Science. In his free time, Bailey loves to hit the pavement on his bike, or play Super Smash Brothers melee with his room mates, or just about anybody. He also loves tinkering with his computer and reading some fantasy novels.

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Jonah Spencer

Photo of Jonah SpencerStudent Software Developer

Bio to be added

Nathan Tan

Photo of Nathan TanStudent Software Developer

Nathan was hired in April of 2016 and is majoring in computer science with an computer systems option. Nathan joined CASS specifically to improve his software development skills and enjoys working on tasks with many moving parts where he can learn many different skills at once. One day, he hopes to make a positive difference in impoverished communities in underdeveloped countries.

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Dan Van Horn

Photo of Dan Van HornStudent Software Developer/Systems Analyst

Dan came to CASS in June of 2016 and is majoring in Computer Science. Dan is passionate about learning and constantly expanding his skills in software development and he applied to CASS as a way to feed this passion. His favorite projects are ones that challenge him to find efficient solutions to difficult problems. In his spare time, Dan likes to rock climb and cycle.

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Jacob VanDomelen

Photo of Jacob VanDomelenStudent Software Developer

Jacob was hired in April of 2016 and is studying Computer Science with a Systems option. Jacob applied to CASS because he wanted to participate and create programs that would have real world applications and impacts after creating programs that would only stay on his personal computer. He hopes to make software development a career following graduation.

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David Vasquez

Photo of Brennan DouglasStudent Test Engineer

David joined CASS in the spring of 2018 and is studying computer science. He decided to apply to CASS when he saw the development environment and projects they work on. He is interested in web and mobile development and also in simplifying the development process. His plan is to go to graduate school and eventually work as a professor. In his spare time he enjoys playing music, reading, and playing basketball and soccer.

Hannah Vaughan

Photo of Hannah VaughanStudent Systems Analyst

Hannah started at CASS in May of 2018 as a Student Analyst. She is studying Computer Science and hails from Eugene. She wanted to work at CASS to apply the experience she’s gained from classes in a meaningful way that simultaneously allowed her to work directly with industry. Hannah likes working on projects that she can watch grow and improve, especially if she can create a great user-interface in the process. Her skills include C, C++, HTML, CSS, organization, and writing. In her off-hours she likes to play board games, crochet, take care of her plants, and spend time with friends. She participates in KBVR FM student radio, and likes to play Animal Crossing. For her future she wishes to work as a software developer who travels the world, and gardens and codes in her free time.

Taegan Warren

Photo of Taegan WarrenStudent Software Developer

Taegan joined CASS in December 2016 and is studying computer science. He first heard about CASS from a freshman engineering fair and wanted to contribute to real world projects while gaining experience and knowledge in programming. In his spare time, Taegan enjoys playing video games such as Overwatch and is a great ice skater.

Travis Whitehead

Photo of Travis WhiteheadStudent Systems Engineer

Travis joined the OSL in March 2017 and is studying applied computer science with a security option. He first heard of the OSL through a friend that worked at CASS and immediately became interested in its investment in open-source technology. He is particularly interested in web development but is excited to learn as much as he can from this position. In his spare time, he enjoys relaxing and programming and is an identical twin.

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Ingyu Woo

Photo of Ingyu WooStudent Software Developer

Ingyu began at CASS in June of 2018. He wanted to work as a Student Developer because he was eager to find a software engineering job related to the real-world since he was a web developer in his home country of South Korea for three years. He is interested in code and performance optimization whether it is front-end or back-end; and is getting more interested in Linux through Computer Science courses Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C are languages he is most familiar with. In the future, Ingyu would like to work as a software engineer, but is interested in many fields in CS. In his off-time he likes watching movies and the NBA, and enjoys walking his dog. Favorite games include Uncharted Waters 2: NEW HORIZONS. He is married and will become a first-time father in the late summer of 2018.

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